L.I.V.E.N Health Begins

Join us in ensuring health care for all in Nigeria. Save lives while making a living.

Overview of the Development

The L.I.V.E.N Health Center development is a comprehensive and thorough solution for health care in Nigeria and an investment opportunity that allows us to gather and ensure good health care for Nigerians and still make a handsome profit.


3 Story Building, (10,000sq./m) (U.S 107,639sq./ft), sited on 2.4 acres and featuring 2 Elevators/Stairs and Advanced Health Sensitive Architecture.


Full Laboratory Services, Radiological Investigations and Comprehensive Diagnotics from MRI to Endoscopy, CT Scan and more.


Features a full scales pharmacy providing compounding and retail services, plus access to consumer medical equipments.



Extensive emergency response and surgery capacity including 3 theatres and 600sq./m dedicated to emergency service.


Full scale adult, paediatric and neonatal intensive care units, inclusive of isolation and quarantine capacity.


Extensive resources for staff moral and elevation including a lounge, call suites and full scale medical library.


Designed to meet the needs of our people

Nigerians have suffered immensly in the area of medical care and while many Doctors and Businessmen have tried to solve the problem the scale of most of these developments make them too expensive for the masses.

  • We are using economics of scale to drop costs
  • We have assembled an extensive team to ensure care range
  • Our equipments are best in class for adequate care
  • Economics of scale also allows a wonderful yet affordable facility

A Confluence of Health Professionals

We house a total of 21 distinct specialties all supported at the base level by 4 medical officers and a Family Medicine Physician to create a hospital that is beyond compare.

This team is Led by Dr. Peter Nkwor (Seasoned Obstetrician/Gyneocologist and Head of Obstetrics and Gyneocology at the Universtiy of Nigeria Nsukka).

  • FULL LIST: Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Dietetics, Emergency & Intensive Care, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Nephrology, Neurology, Neuro-Surgery, Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Psychology, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Urology, ENT and Neonatology.

More Awesome Features

This development goes above and beyond to develop a hospital that works for Nigerians and is profitable for investors, custom designed by King Ifeanyi Oruruo it will have some incredible features including;

Computing Systems

Affiliation with Logbaby is giving us custom hospital management software that will integrate all activites and allowing billing from anywhere, It will also allow Doctors access to patients on multiple platforms and deep data security. It allows multitasking by staff and saves on duplicious manpower cost while increasing service efficiency. We will be the only hospital in Nigeria with software this advanced and tailored.

Patient Pool Security

We are aligned with a movement to transform Nigeria called NO COMPROMISE, members of the platform are developing a cluster of Health Centre across Nkanu Land, 10 in total and we have an exclusive access to the patients in that network for referral and specialist care, we are also affiliated with 3 HMO's in Nigeria allowing extensive and secure patients pools. Beyond this we will also have access to the general public.

Experience Driven Architecture

The Architecture on this project is was done by King Ifeanyi Oruruo himself, sacrificing valuable time he and his Doctors have collaborated to develop a health facility that is truely designed for patient care, the health and safety of children and care givers. The building design integrate many health sensitive solutions including a staff only corridor that allows for background activities and unlimited access to all spaces without moving through patient areas.

Our people are suffering from delapidated medical facilities and once in a year health outreaches cannot solve all. They need a permanent solution. Join Us


Easy and Secure Investment Plan

In ensuring trust and making investment easy so that this development is not hampered in anyway by investment beaurocracy we have made the steps transparent and your view of developments clear.

Standard Investor

₦1million ($2,777)
  • This bond investment will yield you
  • 20% interest per annum and the
  • added benefit of a 1 year Gold
  • membership with the hospital. Terms Apply.

Gold Investor

₦10million ($27,777)
  • This bond investment will yield you
  • 20% interest per annum. The
  • 1 year Gold membership plus
  • 3 years health insurance. Terms Apply.

Diamond Investor

₦50million ($138,888)
  • This bond investment will yield you
  • 20% interest per annum. The
  • 1 year Gold membership plus
  • 10 years health insurance. Terms Apply.

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